Over the past couple of days, I have played over 24 hours of RimWorld. I just can’t get enough of it. Despite it being on Early Access, RimWorld is clearly in a fully playable state. However, Ludeon Studios said that they intend “to add more value before calling it done.” Early Access is simply a formality to let players know that there will be more content in the future.

On Tuesday, Tynan Sylvester, lead developer of RimWorld, did an AMA on the Games sub-reddit. He took a few of the minor feature ideas on board, but typically responded to the rest with, “I don’t plan that far ahead.” Maybe not, but we can dream about the future, right?

Here are some of my ideas for what I would love to see in RimWorld.

1. Travel

One of the major issues I have with RimWorld, is the fact that my colonies success is dependent on luck. I have to hope that I have enough supplies in my little area of the world map to build and develop everything that is needed to survive, and escape on a ship. Of course I can buy items off traders, and sell any useless crap I have. However, I’m still dependent on them wanting or offering the items I have or need.

I can see the other side of the argument, that a luck-based game fuels more interesting stories. And if I had to sum up RimWorld in one word, it would be, “storyteller.” The problem is when you spend several hours investing in a colony to realize that you don’t have the necessary supplies to progress while keeping your colony safe.

The ability to travel across the world map would not only allow players to collect much-needed resources, it would also mean they could counter-raid rival factions, and free any kidnapped colonists. And if you really want to make enemies, you could raid your allies too.

Tynan did say in response that: “These are classic ideas, and I think they’d be really valuable. They are pretty huge investments in time, though, so we’ve chosen to focus on getting the core right […] That said, the core is getting pretty mature, so for the future, who knows?”

2. Upgrade

If you’ve played enough RimWorld, you will know that it is a pain to upgrade walls from wood to anything else. You first have to order someone to de-construct the current wall and then, once they’ve done that, order the replacement. It would be easier if you could order your colonists to simply upgrade a wall from wood to steel. They would follow the same process, but it would mean you would have more time to focus on other parts of managing your colony.

3. Civil War

This should be an option made available at the beginning of your colony set-up. If you chose to tick the box, then you would have to focus on colony relationships a lot more. Failure to do so could lead to a colony civil war, and the potential loss of half your people.

A civil war would only begin if at least half your colony disliked the other half. That doesn’t mean A, B, and C all have to hate D, E, and F. As long as A, B, and C hated at least one person from the other side, and liked each other, the civil war would begin.

Captain America Civil War

You would take control of those who had collectively been in your colony the longest, and forced to fight the others. Depending on how the conflict went, the situation may end there. However, if one of the traitors fled, you could find yourselves at war with another faction. This faction would be at equal tech to you, though it could be a while before they have enough people to attack.

I feel this would make colony relationships and traits more important. At the moment, I barely look at the relationships or traits, unless there is a buff or de-buff involved. And, even then, I’m more focused on the skills.

4. Pack Animals

Self-explanatory really. Animals that move and work in packs, much like AI factions. If they are predators and see an animal or human by themselves, they will move in for the kill. If it is a human, they will try to block off their chance at escape.

To protect from this, you should be able to send people out on patrol, or have your stronger fighters escort the others. At the moment, the only way to do this is by drafting your colonists, which means they ignore needs.

5. Suicide

I know this is a dark subject, and I respect why Sylvester doesn’t want to add it to the game. My argument is that you can execute prisoners, and euthanize fellow colonists. Why can’t you euthanize yourself when you are the last person alive, but downed and in pain?

There is definitely tons more ideas out there, some of them my own, that could improve or alter the scope of RimWorld.