With another major game event, comes another gameplay video of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. This time, it is from the perspective of an army defending their castle. And alongside it, an announcement about diplomacy in Bannerlord.

There was always a lack of options when it came to personal and state matters, especially as someone who has dabbled in Crusader Kings 2. Obviously, I don’t expect TaleWorlds Entertainment to match Paradox Interactive, as their games have very different focuses. However, I did think there needed to be more. And, evidently, so did the team behind Bannerlord.

You will now be able to recreate the scene from Series 6, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones, where Jaime Lannister called for a parley. I doubt it’ll be as epic, or entertaining as the Blackfish insulting the Kingslayer, but it could prevent hundreds of yours and thousands of their men dying.

I’m currently waiting for an in-depth blog post about the video, with hopefully more details about what specific options will be available to you as a diplomatic player. Can you insult the enemies commander during the parley? Will you be able to lie to fellow lords in order to cause wars and weaken relationships? Could I force my lover’s father to give me his blessing, because DAMN fathers are hard to please?

The siege gameplay did nothing apart from; confirm that you could throw rocks down the murder hole, make me smile with excitement at how the character waved his axe to issue an order, and prove, once again, that TaleWorlds Entertainment have made huge advances since Warband.

All that I want to see now is a boat battle. Are they still there? Have they been improved? Do you need to build ships? And finally, can we please have some indication regarding the release date. I need to know when to book time off of work.