UnDungeon puts my school artwork to shame, though that isn’t hard; Laughing Machines have clearly taken inspiration from Hyper Light Drifter with their beautiful fantasy multiverse.

It’s been over two years since I last covered Square Enix Collective, and what a fantastic game to come back on. For those who don’t know, Square Enix Collective is a platform for indie developers to test the waters, and see if players are interested in crowdfunding their game. My Collective Opinion is a weekly feature where I offer my perspective on the ideas that appear each week, and keep you updated with their progress.

UnDungeon has me sold on its visuals and music. Not only does it look stunning, but DAMN I want the OST right now. When you go to read the full pitch, scroll down to the bottom and get the music started first. And if you finish reading before it ends, keep on listening because it gets better. Trust me.

Now onto the important part, the gameplay. UnDungeon takes inspiration from a collection of modern rogue-likes, including Enter the Gungeon, Faster Than Light, and Sunless Sea, etc. Emphasis is put on exploring the environment, interacting with NPCs, and collecting information. All of this will have an effect on your characters upgrades, and the ending too. How much of an effect is unknown, but the hope is that each playthrough will yield a different journey. For a complete experience, they recommend playing the game several times as different heralds (characters).

From what I’ve seen on their pitch, Laughing Machines are quite far in the development cycle. They have a working game populated with beautiful art and visual effects, especially the GIF above where the Dharma shoots one enemy and then constructs a shield to protect itself from another. I’ve actually left a question on their pitch asking about the current stage of development, and will update this post when I get a response.

All in all, a solid idea. All they need to do now is deliver on those promises, and maybe release a demo. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

Source(s): Square Enix Collective

Update (Sep 1, 2016): Laughing Machines responded to my question on their pitch. That stated that Undungeon is in pre-alpha. “The general framework of the project is ready, but we still have to create a huge amount […] content, as well as carry out an extensive amount of work on improving and polishing the combat system and the generation system.”