Friday, Introversion Software released their final update for Prison Architect, bringing it to v2.0.

As with all their major updates, they released a video of them having a laugh and explaining the new features. While much of v2.0 had been explained in the previous video, they talked more about the developer tools and cheats menu.

To turn on Tools and Cheats, just open the main menu and tick the option. Bear in mind that if you turn the cheat menu on, you won’t be able to unlock achievements, sell your prison, or turn cheats off for that save. It may also destroy the fun that comes from building your prison over time. So before you tick that box, think carefully. A lot of the tools are specifically geared towards modders, such as the dialogue and sprite bank editor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun messing around with it all.

And for more control outside of cheats, there is the extended policy editor. You can now set which behaviours warrant an increase or decrease in prisoner security, and by how much. This will make it easier for you to not only segregate the murderers from the drug smugglers, etc., but focus on specific security measures. For example, you can set it so that anyone who murders a fellow inmate or guard is assigned to Max Sec where there a lot more armed guards to keep the prisoners in check. Whereas the drug smugglers can be assigned to Normal Security where there are a lot more dog patrols to sniff out drugs.

The end. (Well, apart from any future bug fixes.)

It’s been a long journey that has taken Introversion Software nearly 6 years, but finally they have reached a point where Prison Architect is finished in their eyes.

Since Prison Architect left Early Access in October last year, they have added female prisoners, guard towers, and weather, etc. Now it is time for them to move onto their next project, Scanner Sombre.

As there isn’t anything for Introversion Software to show at the moment, they will be taking a break from videos. Although they have enjoyed the past 40+ monthly updates, they are a game development studio and their focus is firmly set on Scanner Sombre. They hope to be back soon, but not until Scanner Sombre is show-worthy.

Source(s): YouTube