Event[0] was released on Steam today with a shelf of awards, from the Student Award at European Indie Games Days to the Innovation Award at BIG 2015. And there is no question why it received the last one, as I don’t believe I’ve heard of any game that comes close to what Ocelot Society have developed over the past three years.

Event[0] is one of those games that I live and breathe for, and I’ve not even played it. It challenges the whole idea of games, and puts that on its head. It is one of those games you can point at, and say: “This is why I prefer indie games! Indie developers have the balls to make something like this!”

So what makes Event[0] unique?

You have to forge a personal relationship with an insecure AI that operates the spaceship you’re stuck on, in order to get back home to Earth. This is achieved from talking to it through various terminals on the ship, examining items in the area, and solving hacking puzzles.

The AI, Kaizen, is capable of generating over two million lines of dialogue. TWO MILLION. And like any person, has different moods. However, instead of looking for clues from his (or her) body language, facial expression, or the way he (or her) speaks, you are looking at how the spaceship reacts, for the spaceship is Kaizens body.

Event[0] started out as part of a graduate student project at the National School of Video Game and Interactive Media in France. (That exists?!) And over the past few years, it has received funding from France’s Center of Cinematography and the Indie Fund, won numerous awards, and finally arrived on Steam to a positive reception.

I am excited to step into the game, and hope that it lives up to its expectations. Either way, you can expect a review in the near future.

Source(s): Steam