For PR and Developers

We want to give indie games the same level of coverage as AAA titles, because a lot of the time they are far more interesting and innovative. However, sometimes it’s hard to find them among the thousands of titles released. To increase the chances of your game being one of the few covered, drop us an e-mail. And please pay attention to the points below:

1) We are a PC-only site. We may have covered the odd console game in a past feature or opinion piece, but those days are gone. If you contact us about your mobile game now, we will silently judge you. And then delete the e-mail.

2) Content is key. We need something to write about, and you need something that is going to get people interested in your game. With that in mind, don’t e-mail us about how you are working on a new and exciting game. Give us something to play, or a video to watch. Show us a crowdfunding or Greenlight campaign that isn’t full of concept art. Prove to us that your game exists.

3) Short, but sweet. Callum, the guy who runs the website, is in education and has a part-time job. It is highly likely everyone else is in a similar scenario, so time is precious. Give us a short summary of your game, important links, and maybe a key. If we’re interested, we’ll delve further ourselves.

E-mail: contact(@)sliceofgaming(.)co(.)uk